What is eSata ☺?

Answer The advantage of eSata over usb is that it is MUCH faster. In the real world an external drive using an usb 2.0 interface will get 20-30 Mps vs 75-85 Mps for eSATA which is very noticable Some exte... Read More »

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Is an eSATA cable the same as a SATA?

SATA and eSATA cables are not the same. While they have the same number of internal wires (seven), the connectors on the ends are different, preventing one type of cable from being used for the oth... Read More »

What is an esata computer connection?

An eSata (external Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is a serial connection developed by SATA technologies that allows connection speeds of up to three times that of FireWire or USB 2.0. It is... Read More »

How to Install eSATA on a 2010 MacBook Pro?

An eSATA, or external Serial Advanced Technology Attachment hard drive, is an external version of the SATA drives that are found in most computers today. These drives are installed in an external h... Read More »

What is a PCMCIA eSATA port card?

A PCMCIA eSATA port card is a card for notebook users who need to use external hard drives but want better performance than that offered by USB. These cards slide into a notebook computer's empty ... Read More »