What is e85 ethanol?

Answer E85 ethanol provides an alternative to traditional gasoline. It has many advantages over traditional gasoline, but it also has a few distinct downsides.DefinitionE85 ethanol is a mixture of ethanol... Read More »

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What is ethanol alcohol?

Ethanol (C2OH6, EtOH), is a two carbon organic class alcohol. EtOH is a potable form of alcohol derived from grain, sugar, and starch sources through a fermentation pathway. It is good stuff.http:/... Read More »

What is the specific gravity of ethanol?

The specific gravity of ethanol is 798.2 kilograms per cubic meter. Ethanol and ethyl alcohol are the same substance. Specific gravity is found by comparing the density of the same volume of a subs... Read More »

What is the corn to ethanol process?

Ethanol is a fuel made from fermented corn. It is one of the leading experiments in alternative fuels, and has been proposed as a viable replacement for fossil fuels. The process has been revised c... Read More »

What is the chemical formula for ethanol?

The chemical formula for ethanol, commonly referred to as alcohol, is CH3-CH2-OH. Made from the fermentation of sugars from different types of agricultural crops (barley for beer and grapes for win... Read More »