What is e-mini forex day trading?

Answer E-mini forex day trading is available on two of the more popular currency pairs. Recently the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has launched e-micro futures contracts for forex trading. These contracts a... Read More »

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How much is one pip in Forex trading?

A pip's value will vary according to the current trading trend in Forex and the currency exchange rate. The pip is the smallest price change, or move, and is generally equivalent to 1/100 of a perc... Read More »

How to Be Disciplined in Forex Trading?

What do you think the key for forex trading? It is not the perfect strategy, but perfect discipiline. Discipline is a controlled behavior. So in forex trading you must have a controlled behavior wh... Read More »

Is Forex trading tax-free?

Forex trading is not tax-free. The forex tax code is complex, but the IRS does outline the tax implications for forex trading. Some types of forex trades are subject to the lower 60/40 tax treatmen... Read More »

What does stop out mean in Forex trading?

The term stop out, also known as a "stop market order" or a "stop order," refers to an order that an investor places with a broker. A stop out order designates a specific price at which a security ... Read More »