What is e macro function?

Answer a macro can refer to several things, but it usually involves the recording of user actions (like mouse and keyboard interactions) inside of an application which can later be played back at the use... Read More »

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Does the nikon d60 have a macro function?

Yes. The results are better with a macro lens, of course, but it still is not that bad.

How to Improve Your Macro Photography With a Macro Sized Light Box?

In this instance, a macro light box is meant to be a very small one, meant for static macro shots. The top is open for the camera and all four sides are open with a diffusion material.

Canon 60mm macro or Tamron 90mm macro which one to go for?

Which size sensor does your camera have? "Full-frame" or "DX" format - I'm guessing "DX" unless you spent a lot of money on the camera. If DX you might find the 90mm too long for convenient use... Read More »

How to Shoot Macro Shots Without a Macro Lens?

Occasionally you may wish to take a closeup shot of something and you don't have a macro lens handy so what do you do?