What is E. coli?

Answer Escherichia coli belongs to the bacterial family Enterobacteriaceae, a family of bacteria that inhabits mammalian intestinal tracts. E. coli strain O157:H7 causes intestinal hemorrhaging, but most ... Read More »

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What is the growth rate of E coli?

There are three stages the lag, log and stationary During the log phase E. coli is supposed to double every 20 minutes

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of E. Coli Food Poisoning?

Escheria coli, or E. coli, is a bacteria that causes a form of food poisoning. Most forms of E. coli don't cause any symptoms, but one strain, called 0157:07, can cause people to become severely il... Read More »

What are alternative therapies for infant's with E. Coli infections?

Ampicillin along with aminoglycosides. Better consult physician.

What is E.Coli what is Salmonella typhi?

It's official. Research is dead.E. coli : common Gram negative bacteria Typhi : causative agent for typhoid; Gram negative flagellated rodhttp://en.wikipedia.or... Read More »