What is dvr service?

Answer DVR service is provided for television recording and viewing. It requires a television data signal and a television monitor to playback the video data.What does DVR stand for?DVR stands for digital... Read More »

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What is the Best flat fee MLS service in Florida , (Multiple limited listing service )?

Prestigious Homes Realty is the best ! I used them ... I have only heard good things about them...WHat i know Other companies , are more into marketing , basically taking the call from the Internet... Read More »

What cases did a military service member was accused of smoking spice a was dicharge from the service?

Always. Let me give an example. A soldier at Fort Drum, NY engages in sex with a 15 year-old in Ontario, where the age of consent is 15. The parents catch them, and call the local police, who are u... Read More »

What gauge of service wire should you use for a 150a service?

Answer 1/0 will handle 150 amps if the wire is rated 75 C, 2/0 would be safer.

Northstar Service...Wants to clean our dryer vents. Is this type of service needed and what are the benefits?

Why not just get a friend to help you pull the dryer out from the wall, then using a screw driver, remove the vent hose. Shake the dust out of it and put it back. Cost, maybe a beer or two...... ... Read More »