What is dual channel ddr sdram?

Answer Dual channel DDR SDRAM uses a technology called "Dual-Channel Architecture." This technology doubles the processing power of the memory because it uses two memory controllers that each operate at 6... Read More »

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Can non-dual channel be used in a dual channel supported mother board?

Dual channel supported motherboards are compatible with single-channel memory. Single-channel memory is present when there is only one DIMM (dual in-line memory module) installed or when multiple ... Read More »

Will running two 1gig 667MHz sticks of RAM in dual-channel be faster than three of them in single-channel?

IT is a much better option to keep them in dual channel as this will double the bandwidth of the RAM subsystem. Give one system 2GB and other 4GB as 2GB is enough RAM for most of the cases and also... Read More »

Can I use triple channel memory kit in a dual channel motherboard?

Yes, it will work. All they do is add another stick. Nothing in the ram itself determines whether it is dual or triple channel. You'll be fine.

Please Help! RAM Dual-Channel vs Single Channel vs Flex?

Hello, Taylor.Yes, you can add one 8GB module along with one 2GB module.It will work just fine. Flex mode results in both dual- and single- channel operation across the whole of DRAM memory. Certai... Read More »