What is drywall tape?

Answer Drywall tape is used to cover the seams, or joints, between panels of newly installed drywall. Used with joint compound, the tape helps prevents cracks from appearing at the seams in the finished w... Read More »

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How do I mud& tape drywall using mesh tape?

Apply the TapeCut the mesh drywall tape to the length of each joint. Center the tape over each joint, placing one hand at the top to hold it in place and pulling your other hand downward to secure ... Read More »

What is the purpose of the paper tape in mudding drywall?

A sheet of drywall has a tapered edge along the longest sides. A dip occurs along the tapered edges when the drywall sheets are placed together. Paper tape is used to cover the dip and drywall mud ... Read More »

How do I tape and mud drywall?

Apply Mud and Tape to JointsSpread a thin layer of joint compound (mud) on walls using a small 5-inch drywall knife across the seams in the drywall. Scrape excess mud off the knife. Roll out paper ... Read More »

How do I tape& bed drywall?

Apply the TapeCut the drywall tape to the length of each joint. Spread an ample layer of drywall mud about 5 inches wide over each joint using a drywall tool. Place the tape on the mud at the cente... Read More »