What is dry tempera paint?

Answer Dry tempera is a painting medium that is made up of finely ground pigments. The dry pigment must then be mixed with a liquid medium such as water or egg yolk.HistoryTempera paint has been used for ... Read More »

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What is tempera paint?

Tempera paint was one of the earliest types of paint. It consists of dry pigment, water and egg yolk as a binder.HistoryTempera paint dates to ancient Egypt, Greece and Babylonia, where artists use... Read More »

What is the meaning of tempera paint?

Tempera paint, or egg tempera is an old painting medium that has been used since the ancient Egyptians. It produces thick viscous paint that dries fast because of the binding agent added to it.Hist... Read More »

For what is tempera paint used?

Tempera is an opaque water-based medium that uses a binding agent such as egg or milk to hold the paint together. Over the years egg tempera has been the most commonly used tempera, evidenced by th... Read More »

Is tempera paint washable?

Tempera paint is washable, making it a popular choice for educators. While it is washable, some hues may stain fabrics if not pre-treated. The paint is a biodegradable and non-toxic option.Source:D... Read More »