What is driver's ed?

Answer Many high schools offer driver's education classes, assisting students to gain their driver's licenses through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Some schools count the class toward the total number... Read More »

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If you have 4 autos and 4 drivers can you list your 2 teen drivers as part time drivers on 2 of the cars?

Answer Depends on your insurance company. Some require one primary driver to each car if you have 4 cars with 4 people living in the house. But some allow you to list the parents as primary driver... Read More »

What causes the most accidents on the roads speed ,slow drivers or women drivers?

Inattention to the task at hand. Talking on the phone, painting nails, shaving, reading, eating, drinking, smoking, etc. takes up space in a driver's mind, and leaves no room for calculation when ... Read More »

What are drivers in headphones Ex. 50mm drivers?

Druversare the size of the speaker in millametres they provide either louder sound/ deeper bass when they are larger.

Why are female drivers the worst drivers?

What kind of stereotypical garbage is that??? In driving, as well as ANYTHING else, there are both males and females who excell and those who lack skill. I'm not just going to defend women becaus... Read More »