Where did car drifting originate?

Answer Originally called touge, car drifting originated in Japan. Japanese car drivers competed in casual challenges on back roads in the mountains, which eventually led to highly competitive and funded d... Read More »

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Where did car drifting start?

The origin of car drifting dates back to the mid-1960s as the fastest method of getting a car from point to point. These early drifting competitions took place on curvy mountain roads, utilizing hi... Read More »

What tires are best for drifting?

Back when "Show Room Stock" started up, shaved tires were used. Which meant the tread was removed down to about 50% of new. But we wanted adhession and drifters do not. We did not have as wide of b... Read More »

Are muscle cars good for drifting?

On One Hand: It Will SlideIntroduced and popularized in the late 1960s, American muscle cars have become automotive icons thanks to their muscular styling and thunderous engines. These classic mach... Read More »

Why does my son run repetitively backwards and forwards drifting off into his own little world he has now added on a dip and some jerky movements as well?

That can only be answered by a professional who sees your child do it, or runs tests for possible problems which you don't want to subject your child to test that may prove to be pointless. It is p... Read More »

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