What is "drgtodsc" that keeps running in my computer?

Answer when you press control alt delete you should automatically get the "windows task manager"it sounds like you have something runnning in the background, as in DRAG TO DISKbest way to see if its a wor... Read More »

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My computer keeps on running VERY slowly!?

first do a free online antivirus scan from these sites Read More »

My computer is running so slow and keeps turning off think got viruses can u help?

no no no! Do you get any sign it might be a virus? Maybe its not and you could be damaging your PC. Does your PC sit in a dusty environment? is the lid open at all? Is it old? It could be that dust... Read More »

My computer has a balloon that keeps popping up that says "low disc space", what do I do?

Clean out the c drive and move stuff to your d drive.It will make things run much faster for you.

My computer keeps restarting, but nothing that I`ve tried works.What`s going on?

have u tried the main power lead it could be split somewhere and arcing if u have another 1 try it out, check it over is there a loose connection in the plug? i had a break in mine inside the insul... Read More »