What is double knitting?

Answer There are as many ways to knit as there are knitters, according to knitting guru Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Different knitting techniques produce different effects, which can be desirable when tacklin... Read More »

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How to Cast on a Double-Long Knitting Loom?

Loom knitting can trace its history to the 16th century. This form of knitting uses a long loom of two rows of pegs to form stitches. Many long-time knitters switch to loom knitting when their hand... Read More »

Worsted Vs. Double Knitting Weight Yarn?

When creating a knitting or crochet project, several factors contribute to the overall look and size of the finished piece. These factors include the size of the needles or hook used, the tension o... Read More »

Double Rake Knitting Loom Instructions?

Knitters who knit on a loom enjoy all of the stitch varieties of traditional knitting with the ease of knitting that the loom provides. When you knit on a loom, you hold the loom in one hand and wr... Read More »

How to Cast on a Double Pointed Knitting Needle?

Double pointed knitting needles resemble standard straight knitting needles except they have points on both ends---as their name implies. They come in sets of four or five needles, and you can use ... Read More »