What is double knit fabric?

Answer Double knit or double-knit fabric is popular for clothing because it is durable and doesn't stretch. It is a finely-ribbed material that dry cleans well and can be dyed a variety of colors.Definiti... Read More »

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When was double knit fabric invented?

Double knit fabric was originally made from 100 percent polyester yarns knitted the same on both sides, producing a thick, stretchy fabric. It was originally introduced to the market in the early 1... Read More »

How to Use a Knit-Only Sewing Pattern on Non-Knit Fabric?

Knit-only patterns --- patterns designed only for stretchy fabrics --- are typically fashioned to take advantage of the "stretchy" factor. For example, most knit-only patterns lack zippers as the s... Read More »

What type of fabric is ponte knit?

Ponte fabric is a double-knit fabric, constructed of long yarns woven both vertically and horizontally to create a material that is minimally stretchy. Because of its construction, the fabric is wr... Read More »

What type of knit fabric is boucle?

Boucle knit fabric is made from yarns that have either a curl, a ringlet shape or a buckled texture. These fibers are woven together to create a highly textured, uneven knit fabric.References:Fabr... Read More »