What is door prep for a lock?

Answer The most important part in preparing for a door lock installation is calculating where the openings and cuts will be placed. It is imperative that this be done correctly the first time, because rep... Read More »

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What Is a Door Lock Actuator?

A door lock actuator is a device that is found on almost every automobile that controls the locking and unlocking function inside of a car's door. There are a number of companies that offer replace... Read More »

What is the door lock test?

The door lock test is a strategy used by a dating man to see how giving his companion is. In a door lock test, the man will open the car door for his date and walk slowly around the back. If the wo... Read More »

What is a sliding patio door mortise lock?

A sliding patio mortise lock is the locking mechanism recessed into the edge of the patio door. These locks are installed by cutting a deep hole into the edge of the door. Generally, patio doors ar... Read More »

How to Lock a Door?

Locking your door is a great idea, no matter if you are home or not, to prevent strangers from walking in and performing malevolent actions. If this is your first time locking a door, do not fear, ... Read More »