What is domiciliary midwifery?

Answer A midwife that comes to your house.

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How to Get Into a Midwifery Course?

In the United States, there are three types of midwives: certified-nurse midwives, licensed midwives and lay, or empirical, midwives. To enroll in a certified-nurse midwife course, some states requ... Read More »

Universities That Do Midwifery?

Midwives are usually compassionate, sensitive and well versed in the understanding of women's needs. Because of this, many women are opting for the assistance of a midwife instead of a doctor. How... Read More »

Top Midwifery Programs?

Midwives have a graduate degree in nursing with an emphasis in midwifery. Generally midwifery programs accept students who not only have a bachelor's degree in nursing, but also have at least one y... Read More »

Why law important in midwifery?

If you are referring to civil law, it is important to not have any religious influence on civillaw. A legal code should represent all the people and should be ...