What is dog mace?

Answer Dog mace is a portable, sprayable personal defense product designed or marketed for use in repelling dogs.DescriptionThe term dog "mace" may refer to the dog repellent manufactured by the manufactu... Read More »

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What was a mace in medieval times?

A mace was used as a weapon in medieval times. It was one of the most readily available types of weapon as it was cheap to make and did not require any specialist weapon-making skills.HistoryA mace... Read More »

What is the difference between pepper spray and Mace?

Pepper spray and Mace are similar in their uses as self-defense weapons. Both sprays effectively incapacitate an assailant when sprayed into the face. Though people discuss them interchangeably, ho... Read More »

My girlfriends daughter put ice down my back and I sprayed her with mace, now I'm facing charges. What do I do?

How to Make a Mace?

Less flashy than a sword, often portrayed as a villain's weapon, the deadly mace earned its fatal reputation by breaking bones and skulls on the battlefield for thousands of years. Deceptive in its... Read More »