What is dog dander?

Answer Although it is commonly mistaken as a substance on a dog's fur, dander is actually made up of dead skin cells that peel or flake of a dog's body. This microscopic substance can be the cause of much... Read More »

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What is cat dander?

Cat dander results from the shedding of the Fel-D1 protein. Allergic reactions in humans can range from nasal congestion to life-threatening asthma attacks. Allergies to cats are twice as prevalent... Read More »

What Causes Dog Dander?

Dog dander, commonly known as doggie dandruff, refers to the naturally occurring dead skin cells that accumulate beneath a canine's fur on the skin's surface. While most instances of dog dander are... Read More »

Cat Dander Symptoms?

The Mayo Clinic defines pet allergies as an immune system reaction to certain animal proteins. Pets release these proteins into the environment in the form of dander (shed skin cells) and saliva. C... Read More »

How to Eliminate Dog Dander?

All dogs produce dander. Dead skin comprises dander that sheds from a dog into is environment. It floats in the air and spreads around your house and sticks to surfaces. Although difficult to elimi... Read More »