What Is a Docking Station For?

Answer A docking station is used with a laptop computer. You can plug your laptop into it and use it just like a desktop computer. Other items you can plug into your docking station would be a mouse, moni... Read More »

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What is an mp3 docking station?

An mp3 docking station is a device that turns your mp3 player into a stereo system by projecting music from the player through a set of speakers. Some also may include the ability to charge your mp... Read More »

What is laptop docking?

Laptop docking, the ability to attach a laptop computer to a docking station, gives users a quick, simple way to connect their laptops to a variety of peripherals.Docking StationPC Magazine defines... Read More »

What is a PC docking station?

A PC docking station is a base connected to peripherals like printers, modems and monitors. You can plug a laptop or other small computer to this base so it can connect with the peripherals.Referen... Read More »

Can you have a docking station in the bathroom?

Yes, if there is an electrical outlet, you can have an iPod docking station in the bathroom (though not recommended due to the water that could damage the iPod and/or the docking station).