What is distinctive about the flag& seal of Colorado?

Answer Adopted in 1877 and 1911 respectively, the Great Seal of Colorado and the Colorado state flag represent the various environmental, social and governmental features of the state, which became part o... Read More »

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What is a red flag warning in Colorado?

Colorado issues red flag warnings in areas affected with low humidity and strong winds, according to Colorado's News First 5. Red flag weather means homes are at a much higher than normal risk of f... Read More »

What is the meaning of the Colorado flag?

The Colorado flag was originally designed in 1911 by Andrew Carlisle Johnson. It was officially approved by the Colorado General Assembly the same year. The colors of the flag each represent a diff... Read More »

What do the colors of the Colorado flag stand for?

The color red on the Colorado state flag represents the color of the soil found in most areas of the state. The color white represents the mountain tops covered with snow, and the blue represents t... Read More »

Colorado Laws on Flag Burning?

Burning a U.S. flag is seen by many as casting contempt upon and dishonoring the freedoms that so many have fought for. Statutes and criminal penalties for this action are determined at the state l... Read More »