What is disk partition software?

Answer Disk partition software is computer software that allows a user to add, delete, resize or move sections of a hard drive. Partitions allow a hard drive to be separated into multiple sections, which ... Read More »

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What type of virus hides in the boot sector of a disk or the partition table of a hard disk?

A "Boot Sector Infector" virus will hide in the partition table or boot sector of a hard disk. It loads into a computer's memory during the boot process, and begins executing malicious code.Referen... Read More »

What is a hard disk partition?

A hard disk partition prepares a drive for a file system, the framework that holds data. By partitioning a hard disk drive, you create separate spaces for multiple file systems or operating systems... Read More »

How to Create a Disk Partition?

Creating a separate disk partition on a hard disk is useful for segmenting or separating data. It creates a virtual drive letter that will appear as if it is a physically separate hard drive. To cr... Read More »

How do I add space to a disk partition?

Windows 2003 Server: Extend the Partition of a Shared DiskBack up the disk you would like to extend. Turn off the power in all but one node in the cluster and send the rest of the disks off line, w... Read More »