What is dishwashing made of?

Answer while there are those who just use effort (elbow grease) to clean dishes there are those who use a machine to clean the dishesWhat works in dish washing liquid is a stuff that lifts and removes wha... Read More »

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What is Dawn dishwashing detergent made of?

The specific ingredients in Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent vary according to the product. Each Dawn product lists its specific ingredients on the bottle, but all products include surfactants, dispensin... Read More »

Why is lemon juice artificially flavored, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

Not really a deep question, but more marketing propaganda on the Dishwashing company's side.If any amount of "real" lemons is used in dishwashing liquid, a company can claim it is made with real le... Read More »

What are the uses of dishwashing liquids?

What is the density of dishwashing liquid?

if the volume is 50: 1.006 (gml)if the volume is 100: .9 (g/ml)if the volume is 150: .9( g/ml)if the volume is 200: .9 (g/ml)