What is discount brokerage?

Answer A discount brokerage facilitates investors' trades in the stock market. These brokers are highly competitive with one another, and as a result investors can often buy and sell securities inexpensiv... Read More »

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What is a brokerage fee?

Brokerage fees are charged by agents for services related to a transaction, according to Investopedia. Stock brokers, for example, charge a fee for each trade, but they can also demand a fee for co... Read More »

What is a brokerage agreement?

A brokerage or client agreement is a legal contract signed between an individual and a brokerage firm that outlines the rights and obligations of both parties. It is signed before opening a broker... Read More »

Is an ira brokerage fee tax deductible?

IRA account brokerage fees are deductible if the fees are billed and paid separately. The fees are not deductible if the fees are deducted from the IRA account. The fees must be itemized on a sched... Read More »

Why use an investment brokerage?

Investment brokerages are licensed firms, which sell consumers investment products designed to be consistent with their investment objectives and risk tolerances. Brokers who work at investment bro... Read More »