What is discount brokerage?

Answer A discount brokerage facilitates investors' trades in the stock market. These brokers are highly competitive with one another, and as a result investors can often buy and sell securities inexpensiv... Read More »

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What is a brokerage fee?

Brokerage fees are charged by agents for services related to a transaction, according to Investopedia. Stock brokers, for example, charge a fee for each trade, but they can also demand a fee for co... Read More »

What Is a logistics brokerage?

A logistics brokerage is a specialized business that matches buyers and sellers of logistics services. The term "logistics" refers to managing the process of moving goods to market by train, truck,... Read More »

What is a brokerage clearinghouse?

Stocks and commodities are traded every day by millions of investment firms. These firms, in turn, have numerous clients who buy and sell stocks. High trade volumes between companies and investment... Read More »

What Is Transaction Brokerage?

Transaction brokerage is a type of concurrent representation used in real estate transactions where a broker or agent represents both the seller and buyer in the same transaction. In transaction br... Read More »