What is disability income insurance?

Answer Disability income insurance provides supplementary income for an individual who cannot work. There are different types of disability income insurance and each has different regulations and limitati... Read More »

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If you receive Disability Income from a Long Term Disability Insurance Policy can creditors garnish the monthly income from this policy?

The answer to your question is yes. If creditors can garnish your wages if you were working, then they can garnish the income you receive from your disability provider as well. The same procedures ... Read More »

What is the Difference between disability insurance and disability income insurance?

Disability insurance by definition is a policy that replaces a portion of your income should you become unable to work due to illness or injury. The two are the same.

A widow has gross income of 600 a week Her disability insurance coverage replaces 70 percent of her earnings after a four-week waiting period What amount would she receive in disability?

The calculation is as follows: $600 x 52 (#of weeks in a year) divided by 12 (months). This monthly amount would be $2600 x 70% - Her base benefit would be $1820 per month. Be sure to check the pol... Read More »

What is disability income insurance coverage?

Employees with disability insurance coverage can protect themselves financially if they are out of work for an extended period of time. There are several choices when it comes to obtaining coverage... Read More »