What is direct digital synthesizer technology?

Answer Some electronic signal generators produce waveforms using a method called direct digital synthesis. This involves constructing a signal from a series of digital samples that are stored in the signa... Read More »

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How has the use of digital technology (digital images) have changed our way of life?

Well, for one thing, being able to take a picture and have it ready to use in a matter of seconds is convenient. The speed at which the image is ready for use contributes to how fast it can be sha... Read More »

Direct Technology Schools?

In a world becoming increasingly reliant on automation and technology, it is vitally important that educational establishments exist to train the people who will develop and maintain these technolo... Read More »

When was digital technology invented?

Digital technology, as it relates to recorded music, was first introduced in 1978. Initially, digital technology was used to record and produce long-playing vinyl records. In the early 1980s, Sony ... Read More »

What does CCD mean in digital camera technology?