What is direct broadcast satellite?

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What satellite does direct tv broadcast from?

Answer:It's called DirecTV 3 and is located at 91.0°W over the equator.

How to track a Direct broadcast satellite device?

No, you need not add any other hardwares for the DTH box. It would work on its own.

Who was first to broadcast satellite programs direct tv or dish network?

You are out of luck. Both Directt and Dish 's remote control have a very limited amount of programmable codes for "off-brands" of TVs. Especially those that are TV/DVD combos. You best bet is to bu... Read More »

Does dbs also known as direct broadcast satellite such as directv and dishtv orbit in a geosynchronous orbit and why?

YESSatellites in geostationary orbit have an orbital period that is exactly the same as the Earth's rotational period. This means that looking from Earth the satellite appears to be stationary in t... Read More »