What type of paint will most effectively conceal blood spatter on my living room and dining room walls?

Answer Nick, Nick, Nick, what have you gone and done now?Do what I did when I shot my first wife for not skinning those frog legs before puttin' them in the freezer. . wash the walls and then go to Home D... Read More »

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What is dining room size?

it depends on how many furnitures needed in each room. . but the minimum size is 4X5. .

What is the proper height of a dining room table?

The standard height of a dining room table is between 29 and 30 inches. This will accommodate most dining room chairs so that those sitting at the table will have enough leg room under the table.So... Read More »

What color should I paint my dining room?

You have the perfect dining set for a nice brick or maroon color my cousin is into Victorian decorating, and she has her whole house in a brick\maroon color and it looks beautiful, very elegant, co... Read More »

What shape is your dining room table?

The house that my husband, teenage son and I now live in has a rather small kitchen and at the other end of the room is a laundry room. We only have space for a formal dining room table right now t... Read More »