What is digital film production?

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What is a film production supervisor?

A film production crew includes a hierarchy of management and supervisory positions to ensure the production process goes smoothly. The film production supervisor usually refers to the specific rol... Read More »

What is a film&television production supervisor?

The preparation and work that goes into producing a movie or TV show spans anywhere from months to years. Hundreds to thousands of people are employed by a production, and it's the production super... Read More »

Film & Video Production Colleges?

Film and video production is an exciting career path that offers a number of opportunities. Not only does it open the door to work in television or movies, but there are a large number of other job... Read More »

How to Apply for a Film Production Grant?

Applying for a film grant is a competitive undertaking. Credibility matters. A filmmaker or producer seeking a grant will need to demonstrate credibility by providing a sample film reel; an interes... Read More »