What is digital colour image processing?

Answer It is the processing (changing) of color images using a computer.

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What is noise suppression in digital image processing?

removing noise from digital images. Noise is random color pixels which appears at digital images.

What is 'smoothing filter' in digital image processing?

smoothing is a noise reduction technique that derives its name from the fact that it employs a simple, fast filtering algorithm that sacrifices noise suppression power in order to preserve the hi... Read More »

Difference between Digital image processing and copmuter graphics?

There is always a confusion among the newbies about the difference between Image Processing and Computer Graphics. Unless specifically mentioned , Computer Graphics is all about Synthesizing a new ... Read More »

I have an old (1960's)120 colour film that needs processing but can't find anyone to do it.Any idea's?

Yes, it will work although the images won't be pin sharp. Any specialist camera retailer such as Fox Talbot, Jacobs etc should be able to help you out there. My Mum died in 1989 and when I moved ho... Read More »