How do I diffuse my hair?

Answer A diffuser is really simple and fast. I have endless amounts of semi wavy hair and it's such a cinch instead of blowdrying straight.Make sure you use a good curl mouse and dont use a brush, use yo... Read More »

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How to Diffuse Light?

Diffused light can bring out the best in your photography subjects by reducing glare and harsh shadows, by minimizing blemishes and by replicating natural light. Depending upon the type of photogra... Read More »

How to Diffuse the Natural Hair?

One of the most common challenges with curly or wavy hair is styling it without making it frizzy. Allowing your hair to air dry can remove body, while using a regular blow dryer separates the curls... Read More »

How to Diffuse a Laser Beam?

When a beam of light is shone onto a smooth, metallic surface such as a mirror, it is reflected and leaves the surface as a coherent beam traveling at the same angle, on the same plane, but in the ... Read More »

How to Diffuse a Print in the Darkroom?

While softening an image in image-editing softward is just a few easy clicks, you'll need to get more creative if you are manually printing photos in the darkroom. You can give your black-and-white... Read More »