What is diffrence beetween 1GB &1MB.?

Answer 1 MB is small n 1GB is big..1 MB - Less than size of Floppy...1GB - Grater than CD capacity but less than a DVD..:)

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Is Las vegas bigger than canadaAnd what is the distance in beetween Las vegas,and canada and their diffrence?

are you high? look @ a map.............canada is that BIG country above us

What is the difference beetween GED and high school diploma?

Does wirelessly sharing files and music (using a router) beetween a computer and Ps3 use up internet allowance?

This will not affect your Internet Download Limits. The traffic you will be passing will only occur at the router that connects the two devices together. You're router knows the IP Address of your ... Read More »

What is the diffrence between yahoo and google?

That is like comparing apples to oranges, or even Mac's to PC. Each one has their own way of doing things, and anyone saying that one is better than the other is simply their opinion, nothing more.... Read More »