What is differentiated instruction in curriculum design?

Answer Differentiated instruction refers to varying the style of teaching to match multiple types of student learning styles. These different teaching styles can be displayed in a number of platforms, suc... Read More »

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Contemporary Issues in Curriculum Design & Differentiated Instruction?

Faced with multiple standards and accountability tests, teachers may find themselves hard pressed to perform their core teaching tasks. Teaching activities have changed in a way that is potentially... Read More »

How to Use Differentiated Instruction?

Every classroom has a variety of students. Students may differ in academic ability, interests or learning style. The concept of differentiated instruction allows teachers to reach a wider variety o... Read More »

Differentiated Instruction for Phonics?

Phonics is the teaching of the relationship between letters and sounds. The fact that a letter "t" (which is really just a symbol) signifies the first letter sounds in "train track" is an example o... Read More »

Types of Differentiated Instruction?

A typical classroom is filled with children with diverse learning needs. To meet these needs, educators often differentiate their instructional strategies. A variety of differentiation techniques c... Read More »