What is difference b/w GSM or CDMA?

Answer CDMA and GSM are two mobile communication standards.CDMA: code division multile access.GSM: global system for mobile communication.CDMAs are high secured systems with beter sound quality than GSM.c... Read More »

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What is the difference between Broadband and CDMA?

Sounds like the idiots at Sprint are mis-using the terms. (No surprise there.) "Broadband" is a generic term for high speed Internet access. CDMA is a wireless access technology. Sprint's broadband... Read More »

What's the difference between a iphone 4 and a iphone 4 cdma?

cdma means it is either for verizon or sprint.

CDMA & GSM Technology?

CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System For Mobile Communications) are two competing forms of cellular data and calling technologies that offer their own form of operation, vary... Read More »

Does Sprint use CDMA?

The two primary cellular technologies currently in use are GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). Every cell carrier uses one of these two technolo... Read More »