What is difference between programming and scripting?

Answer Computer programming (often shortened to programming or coding) is the process of designing, writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code of computer programs. This source code is w... Read More »

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Which scripting language is the most used when it comes to Web Programming:ASP.NET,PHP,Perl,R…?

PHP is most commonly used on Apache as part of the LAMP environment. You'll also find Perl and Ruby, but PHP has a huge percentage of the Apache market. There has been a strong trend towards Web Se... Read More »

Programming in Python: Scripting mode?

A script is simply a text file. You will put the same statements into a text file, name it, and tell Python to run that file by sending the command "python" from your comman... Read More »

How to make a programming language or a server-side scripting language?

Well, the Java compiler and interpreter is written in C/C++. So I would assume you can write a compiler/interpreter for a new language using that.

In computer programming, what's the difference between getting your bachelor's degree&getting a certificate?

A BS degree is a fairly comprehensive program that covers a number of facets of IT. Besides practical knowledge, you'll also probably get a lot of the theory behind it.A certificate program usually... Read More »