What is difference between electric Hydronic and regular electric baseboard heater?

Answer a hydronic heater uses hot water to heat...electric baseboard uses electric elements to heat . hydronic heat can use electric, oil, natural gas, coal or propane to heat the water.

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Who invented the electric baseboard heater?

The patent for an electric baseboard heat storage unit was issued on December 20, 1966, 83 years after Thomas Edison first invented electric heating. The unit was invented in the U.S. by Charles D.... Read More »

How do I install electric baseboard heaters?

WiringSelect NM type cable capable of supplying the current that the baseboard heater requires. Run the NM Cable from the circuit breaker box to the thermostat location and from the thermostat loca... Read More »

How do I clean old electric baseboard heaters?

Cleaning the HeaterTurn the heater's switch to the "Off" position to turn it off. Allow it time to cool before continuing. Use a screwdriver to remove the end caps from the baseboard damper shroud.... Read More »

Are electric baseboard heaters dangerous?

On One Hand: Safety of Electric HeatersElectric baseboard heaters are safe because they do not use flame like a wooden fireplace and they do not have the danger of carbon monoxide producing fuels l... Read More »