What is diferences between a blue-ray DVD and a regular DVD?

Answer Blu-Ray DVDs are for HD TVs and require a Blu-Ray player or a PS3. The sound is improved and the crispness of the picture (graphics) is noticeably improved.

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What are the differnts between blue-ray and regular cds?

Can you really tell the difference between regular DVD's and Blue ray?

For sure. I have a 92" projection screen. The colors are more vibrant, blacks are blacker and there is a lot more detail that can't be seen on DVD even when upconverted.The audio is much better als... Read More »

What is the difference between a regular DVD player and blue ray DVD player?

The main difference is the color of the laser used. Regular DVD players have used the traditional red laser, whereas the new Blu-Ray DVD players use an innovative blue laser. So what's the big de... Read More »

Will you be able to watch blue-ray DVD on your PC with regular DVD drive if you install blue-ray playing software?