What is dichroic glass?

Answer Dichroic glass is coated so it reflects light of one color and transmits light of other colors. Glass is coated with different materials to make it reflective in different colors. Dichroic glass is... Read More »

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The History of Dichroic Glass?

Dichroic glass contains many micro-layers of metal oxides which give the glass color changing or dichroic optical properties. The invention of this glass is often erroneously credited to NASA, whic... Read More »

What is dichroic glass jewelry?

The myriad colors and luminescence of dichroic glass make it a perfect jewelry material. In both casual and formal jewelry, dichroic glass makes every piece one of a kind.Dichroic GlassDichroic gla... Read More »

How do you make dichroic glass?

Making Dichroic Glass To get this effect, thin layers of metallic oxides, such as titanium, silicon, and magnesium are deposited upon the surface of the glass in a high temperature, vacuum furnace.... Read More »

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