What is dextrose solution?

Answer Dextrose solution is a medication in an IV form used to supply water and calories to the body. It is also used as a mixing solution (diluent) for other IV medications

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What is dextrose sugar solution?

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Is dextrose 5 with 0.45 NS a hypertonic or hypotonic solution?

What is dextrose?

Dextrose refers to the sugar D-glucose (C6H12O6), an aldohexose (from aldehyde and hexose), distinguishing it from other aldohexose sugars and specifically from its mirror image L-glucose. Dextrose... Read More »

What is dextrose 5?

Dextrose 5 is a sterile chemical solution commonly used in medical procedures. It is sometimes referred to as D5W in the medical field.DextroseDextrose is a form of glucose, commonly known as sugar... Read More »