What is developmentally appropriate practice and why is it important?

Answer Babies and children grow up one step at a time. Young babies cannot crawl, walk or work math problems or talk in lengthy sentences. As they grow however, they learn to do these things and more. T... Read More »

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Can anyone explain developmentally appropriate practice in child care?… try this sight

Is evidence-based practice important in research?

On One Hand: Evidence-Based Practice Important in ResearchEvidence-based practice is important to research because it leads to the rigorous and systematic study of questions and provides answers ba... Read More »

Developmentally Appropriate Crafts for Preschoolers?

In a developmentally appropriate preschool classroom, children should create their own works of art rather than copy from a pattern or example, notes Early Childhood News. Instead of planning intri... Read More »

Schools for the Developmentally Disabled in Pennsylvania?

Developmental disabilities refer to lifelong conditions caused by birth defects that impact an individual's physical or mental capacity. In the United States, no one with a disability may be exclud... Read More »