What Have You Done, Whilst Sleep Deprived As A Parent?

Answer - I arrived to work in a button down top, suit jacket, black heels, and flannel pajama bottoms (I had ironed my pants and left them on the ironing board.....I did remember to turn the iron off thou... Read More »

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Is it okay to be sleep deprived while pregnant?

Answer I found that when i was pregnant with my daughter i needed as much sleep as possible. Try and sleep as often as you can to keep your strength up

How to not pass out from being sleep deprived?

Try to relax , breathe , sit down and listen to fine music . That calms me down, or maybe do something you like.. Paint, read, or go to the park and sit while carrying the baby ..

What happens to test animals deprived of selenium Does selenium affect the heart?

It has beneficial effect on liver diseases, It should not reach serum level of 400 microgram, or it can cause myocardial infarction as shown in several studies, mechanism not known.

If you sleep during the day does it go towards what you were deprived of the night before or count towards...?

I read somewhere you can never makeup or replace lost sleep it's just lost.