What is dental implant surgery like?

Answer Dental implant surgery offers an alternative for people who can't or don't want to wear dentures. The process may involve different dental specialists, may require bone grafts, and can extend from ... Read More »

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Should I get professional dental surgery now or get dental surgery at a dental school a week from now?

You are in good hands at USC School of Dentistry. Students are overseen by several dental instructors and professionals. There are clinics available that do extractions at lower costs.*Please refer... Read More »

Dental Implant Difficulties?

Dental implants are teeth that are surgically implanted to replace missing teeth. It can be a porcelain tooth screwed to the jawbone or a porcelain tooth fused to a high noble metal post fixed to ... Read More »

Can you get a dental implant if you have diabetes?

Dental Implants for DiabeticsYes, just inform the dentist before hand and be sure your blood sugar is normal before the procedure.More input:You can possibly have dental implants with diabetes depe... Read More »

What is the cost of a dental implant?

AnswerI have been studying this same question and the price can vary greatly from place to place so this answer would depend on where you are located, but for a single implant anywhere from about 3... Read More »