What material is denim made from?

Answer Denim is made from cotton. Cotton is harvested, and a cotton gin sorts the cotton from the seeds. The cotton is then carded and cleaned before it is straightened and spun into yarn. The yarn is wov... Read More »

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Can you dye denim?

Denim can be dyed. To do so, simply purchase fabric dye and follow the manufacturer's instructions for mixing and preparation. If you use your washing machine instead of a sink or bucket, ensure th... Read More »

How to Get Ink Out of Denim?

The washing machine is a frequent perpetrator of ink stains bled by pens left in pockets -- an unpleasant surprise when jeans are removed from the washer. One or more steps of a progressive ink-re... Read More »

How to Dye Denim?

Before you think about throwing out one of your favorite pairs of jeans because they are faded and worn, consider revamping them to create a whole new look. Dyeing your jeans will make them unique... Read More »

How to Dye Denim With Tea?

Using tea to dye clothes can give them a vintage look. To make jeans appear older and more worn, use tea to add a yellow shade to the denim. If you have rips or light spots on the jeans, it will tu... Read More »