What MBA is highest in demand?

Answer The MBA with the highest demand is one with a concentration in health care. Health care businesses have special difficulties due to the increased regulation. They need specially trained MBA graduat... Read More »

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What is a demand letter?

A demand letter is sent when you are trying to get the recipient to honor a contractual agreement or correct a specific problem. In some cases, a demand letter must be mailed before you take someon... Read More »

What is a demand meter?

A demand meter is a meter installed by the electric company to monitor electricity consumption on consumers who use more than 2,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. These meters are designed to save ... Read More »

What is a demand deposit?

A demand deposit account consists of your personal funds held in a bank checking or savings account. With this type of arrangement, funds can be readily withdrawn by check or withdrawal slip, thus ... Read More »

What is POD---publish on demand?

POD, also known as publishing on demand, or print on demand, is a form of publishing that has some merits and as well as some drawbacks. With POD, less waste and lower costs have created a revoluti... Read More »