What is in Bio-Logic deer food?

Answer BioLogic offers a number of seed mixtures for cultivating deer food plots. Most mixtures include New Zealand brassicas, which are plants like kale, forage rape and turnips. BioLogic blends these se... Read More »

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What time of day do deer feed?

Deer usually feed from just before sunset until after dark and again right about sunrise. Deer have been known to feed late into the night under a full moon. Cold weather in the winter can cause de... Read More »

What is in the velvet in deer antlers?

Velvet is a hairy skin that covers growing deer antlers; it protects blood vessels, nervous tissue and cartilage. When the antlers are fully mature in late summer, the velvet dies and peels off.Sou... Read More »

What is deer meat called?

Deer meat is called venison. Venison can be prepared in many different ways including sausage, steaks, jerky and burgers. Deer meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than many other meats including b... Read More »

What is the deer limit in Texas?

In Texas, the number of antlered (bucks) and anterless deer a hunter may legally harvest each year varies by county. For example, in Cameron County, in the southern Texas, the total bag limit is fi... Read More »