What does"deductive"mean in health insurance?

Answer The National Health Insurance Company offers price adjustments when calculating reimbursements for a policyholder's purchase of pharmaceutical drugs. Price adjustments give customers a refund of th... Read More »

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What Is the Reasoning for Social Responsibility?

The reasoning for social responsibility is that an ethical ideology needs to put into practice to better society as a whole. The idea for social responsibility stems from the argument that socioeco... Read More »

What Is the Meaning of Circular Reasoning?

The concept of circular reasoning has been around since at least the year 350 B.C. when the great Greek philosopher Aristotle included it in his book on logic, "Prior Analytics." Circular reasoning... Read More »

What Are the Six Stages of Moral Reasoning?

Lawrence Kohlberg, a cognitive-developmental psychologist and a close follower of Jean Piaget, proposed a three-level, six-stage theory of moral reasoning development. Piaget's theory on moral reas... Read More »

What is the reasoning behind thumb throttles?

I'm sittin here thinking about this and I've erased every answer that I have written so far...It has to be a safety issue...if you have a thumb throttle you aren't as apt to HOLD on to that grip if... Read More »