What is decomposed granite?

Answer Decomposed granite is actually a granite rock that has broken down into a gravel-like substance. Decomposed granite has many different uses, comes in a sand form, is environmentally safe, but has ... Read More »

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How to Build a Decomposed Granite Patio?

Created when granite rock naturally decomposes over millions of years, decomposed granite is a less expensive paving alternative to stone or concrete for an attractive, efficient patio. It packs ti... Read More »

How to Build Decomposed Granite Walkways?

Decomposed granite is a popular material for use in hardscaping. It's very suitable for uses in walkways--it's durable, attractive and easy to work with. Laying the decomposed granite in the walkwa... Read More »

How much does a square yard of decomposed granite weigh?

Decomposed granite is a porous, compact-able stone material that is commonly used as a substrate for paving. It weighs approximately 2,600 lbs. per cubic yard, depending on its moisture content.Ref... Read More »

How to Make a Decomposed Granite Mix for a Dog Kennel Floor?

Decomposed granite is usually used to add a natural look to walkways and pathways. The natural look of the granite easily blends into the surrounding nature. Another added benefit of decomposed gra... Read More »