What is debt deflation?

Answer Inflation is short for inflation of the money supply. Deflation means the opposite. Credit causes deflation when debt levels become unsustainable.InflationSay you lived in California during he hous... Read More »

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What is deflation in economics?

In economics deflation occurs when the overall price level of goods and services declines; deflation is the opposite of inflation, which is an increase in the average prices of goods and services.I... Read More »

What is a deflation trap?

A deflationary trap usually occurs when a state's actual interest rates are negative, even with printed rates in the positive, according to Paul Krugman of Princeton University. Once in deflation, ... Read More »

What is the meaning of the word deflation?

Used in terms of the economy, earth science, physical science, animal science or psychology, the word deflation generally means a reduction or lessening. The word deflation can define prices, ballo... Read More »

How to Understand Cause and Effect of Inflation and Deflation?

"Throughout history when a nation's debt has exceeded 90 percent of its GDP, its prices of goods have greatly inflated and currency collapsed [deflated]." ("This Time Is Different, an interview wit... Read More »