What is dangerous about herbs?

Answer You can see an image of a Rosemary Plant at the related link below.There is also a link for the herbal uses of Rosemary.

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Which herbs should diabetics be careful about using Do you know why they're dangerous?

Any herbs that would be a problem for diabetics would typically have a warning on the label (which is rather few).The main nutrients that you should be careful of when you are diabetic would be any... Read More »

FDA considers medicinal herbs, colloidal silver dangerous, but not mercury fillings, chemo, cigarettes,?

Well, FDA isn't working for the our benefits, its funded by the Pharmaceutical industry and just watches their interests nothing more. Here check this out, it explains it all more or less :o)http:/... Read More »

What is a good web site to tell about herbs?

I have been a practicing Witch since 1971 and if there's ONE thing I DO know, it's Herbs. The first thing that I have MY students do is to BUY a Peterson Field guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs A... Read More »

What do you think about taking multiple natural supplements and herbs?

Stick to plant WHOLE-FOODS. They are WHOLE meaning they contain all the matrices in the perfect ratios nature intended. There is no "maximum" dosage for plant WHOLE-FOODS. As soon as you process... Read More »