What is d code to get a personalised command prompt in C in unix?

Answer Don't know much about d.In unix, the prompt string is stored in the environment variable, PS1.To change it in terminal:$ PS1='FTS>'$ export PS1

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What is the difference between a unix and a unix-like OS And are linux and BSD unix or a unix-like OSes?

The UNIX Specification is a set of rules that a UNIX operating system should follow.An operating can be UNIX-compliant, which means it follows all of these rules. Examples include SunOS and MacOS X... Read More »

If life were a DOS prompt, what command would you be?

"HELP", because I like to help people... but... I don't do a very good job. :P

Command for see the hidden files in unix?

The "-a" option in the `ls` command will list the hidden files.Otherwise use the `find` command.OK

How to Boot to Command Prompt?

How to boot your computer to command prompt