What is d code to get a personalised command prompt in C in unix?

Answer Don't know much about d.In unix, the prompt string is stored in the environment variable, PS1.To change it in terminal:$ PS1='FTS>'$ export PS1

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Command for see the hidden files in unix?

The "-a" option in the `ls` command will list the hidden files.Otherwise use the `find` command.OK

How to Send Email From the Unix Command Line?

There is no need for bulky and expensive email programs. Unix and Linux users can send emails directly from the terminal using an application known as "mail." Best of all, it comes installed by def... Read More »

If life were a DOS prompt, what command would you be?

"HELP", because I like to help people... but... I don't do a very good job. :P

Command Prompt fun codes?

tree /f is a really cool command. It displays all of the files you have on your computer. But in order for it to be able to have enough space to do the whole command, you have to set a certain prop... Read More »