Have any of you seen the movie Savages What did you think of it?

Answer I was expecting an all-out blood bath and a war between the two dudes and the cartel. This is what I was really hoping for. Then it would have been good. But it sucked. There was nothing to like ab... Read More »

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Is Cynthia McKinney a Delta?

Former Congresswoman Cynthia Ann McKinney, D.-Ga. is not a pledged nor listed member of either of the two major African American women's college sororities, Delta Sigma Theta or Alpha Kappa Alpha. ... Read More »

Who is cynthia bryant watkins?

Cynthia Bryant Watkins is an acclaimed, award-winning artist famous for her Western United States landscapes capturing the serenity and beauty of Texas. Watkins sold her first painting when she was... Read More »

Who are Cynthia mcfadden's biological parents?

she is most definitely Spencer tracey and Katherine hepburns child

Is Alan colmbes Cynthia crowley's brother in law?